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Neliana is an award-winning designer, entrepreneur, and innovator deeply passionate about transparency in the fashion industry. With her expertise in sustainable innovation and technologies, she's weaving Web3 solutions to accelerate positive impact across the fashion landscape and beyond. Currently she is the Co-Founder & CEO at OPEN.MODE™.

"I am a generator by human design, passionate about innovative ideas that will shape the future world. I aspire to leave a legacy for the next generation and beyond."

about me

Over the past 15 years, I've pioneered positive impact

in the fashion industry through transparency.

My expertise spans fashion design, sustainability, and ​innovative entrepreneurship.

Transitioning from fashion to designing digital solutions for ​the Web3 era, I've worked with brands such as Stella ​McCartney, Phoebe Philo, BEEN.LONDON, startups and ​organizations such as Provenance, UNECE, SAC, and the ZDHC ​Foundation, implementing transparency and traceability ​strategies. As a thought leader, I share my vision worldwide ​as a keynote speaker and consultant.

web3 Digital solutions

Elevating brand trust for the Web3 Era. In 2023, I launched my new ​venture, a lifelong dream realized under one roof: OPEN.MODE™. ​We offer a suite of 'phygital' solutions, prioritizing traceability and ​transparency beyond the point of sale. My vision to enable ​circularity through an infinite product lifecycle is materializing by ​merging the digital and physical worlds to add value beyond point ​of sale.

Brands can create new value by engaging their customers, ​empowering them with tools to be part of the change we want to ​see in the world.

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“I’m a natural when it comes to guide the process of connecting the ​the mind and the soul of founders and entrepreneurs who’s purpose ​is aligned with a better world today”.

executive consultancy & coaching

I love working with founders, creative entrepreneurs, and ​teams across various sectors in enhancing core ​competencies, future-proofing visions, and staying ahead of ​new technologies in the Web3 era—all while creating unique ​experiences to each client.

Since 2017 I’ve been a consultant and I’ve trained as a ​business coach to further assist the process of building a ​personal life and businesses aligned with balance and ​purpose. Applying the tools to my own life, I’d love to share ​my experience and hacks that can make you thrive. Let’s ​connect.

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My Journey


Founder of AETHER Studios, A Transparent Company, OPEN.MODE.

Fashion Design Consultant for Central Saint Martins Design Lab.

Pringle of Scotland, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo A1.

awards & publications

State of Fashion Report Contributor 2019 BoF & McKinsey

Proof of Trust in Fashion Report for ZDHC and SAC Foundations.

Blockchain in Fashion Documentary Provenance x Martine Jarlgaard.

Stella McCartney x Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion.

ARTSCOM Scholarship University of the Arts London.

Fashion Grand Prix Japan, Tokyo Fashion Week.


“Purpose and transparency enable trust. This case study gave birth to a new market in the intersection of fashion, sustainability and innovation”.

Changing the Future of Fashion with Blockchain Technology

A Transparent Company envisioned the integration of blockchain technology to enhance transparency in the fashion industry. Under Neliana's leadership, the project forged partnerships with London College of Fashion's Innovation Agency, collaborating on the Martine Jarlgaard x Provenance initiative to document and unveil the world's first garment traced on blockchain.

This landmark case study was presented at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017, featured within the Innovation Hub, and traveled the world as part of conferences, seminars, accelerator programs, and academic research—marking the dawn of a new era in the fashion industry that continues today. Blockchain technology empowers suppliers and brands to offer consumers comprehensive insights into materials, processes along the supply chain.

Case Study Documentary featuring Martine Jarlgaard, Provenance, Neliana Fuenmayor.


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